My better half, the cheese to my macaroni…

My better half, the cheese to my macaroni...

Everyday I am amazed I convinced this person to marry me….This is my wife Keren, she in addition to my kids will make many appearances in this blog so I thought I should share a picture so everyone gets an idea what out-kicking your coverage looks like…

For some reason it has been on my heart for sometime to start a blog… I don’t know really what my goal is, or how often I will post, I guess it depends on the feedback I get. I have lots of thoughts, ideas, and stories that I think people will enjoy and maybe take some inspiration from. My wife Keren has encouraged me to do this for sometime- she is a pretty incredible woman and sometimes still laughs at my jokes. She has given me 3 beautiful children: Jameson, Kiara, and Kylie who you will hear of regularly. After all, they are the worlds smartest, kindest, and most beautiful children (this is an unbiased opinion) so it would be a crime to withhold tales of their genius and tales of raising such gifted children.

Keren is the perfect balance to me, God truly had her in mind for me as it takes a special woman to marry someone as ridiculous and sometimes irrational as me. I always assumed it was my good looks that won her over, she assures me this isn’t the case (I’m still not convinced).

We are work from home parents, so its a good thing we like each other’s company. Three quick benefits to working with your wife:

1. Making out during the workday is encouraged!

2. Checking out your co-worker won’t get you sued!

3. Honesty…when you have a stupid idea they don’t worry about you being offended and tend to offer wisdom quickly (however, I still believe a lime green tuxedo is reasonable and appropriate for a leadership function)

This is just a quick insight to who we are- I hope you will enjoy what I have to say in the future.


4 thoughts on “My better half, the cheese to my macaroni…

  1. I love it, look forward to following it, but mostly I’m definitely going to look up to it. I’ve been told to start one as well since I always post on Facebook my thoughts lol I’m happy you’re doing this!

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