Maya the bee, Buster Banana, Bullfrog and Nicknames…..


Nicknames….I have always loved nicknames, I especially love when I am the one to assign them.  You see, just like George in Seinfeld, very rarely can you assign yourself your own nickname and have it stick- you could be shooting for “T-Bone” and end up with “Ko-Ko the Monkey”.  That is the reality with nicknames you get what you get and unfortunately sometimes you can’t shake them…Some people have names built for nicknames- Thank you Three Dog Night for ensuring that nearly every time I meet someone for the first time I hear an out of tune rendition of “Jeremiah was a Bullfrog” that quickly trails off when people realize a) they don’t know any lyrics to the song or b) that I probably have heard this hundreds of time in my life.

So without further ado….here are some of the nicknames I have, or have had in my life and the history behind them and some classics I have issued

Miah:  This is obviously short for Jeremiah and was given to me by my younger sister Jennifer (Jenny-Pooh) when she couldn’t string Jeremiah together.  This was fine until Nickelodeon came out with this show “Maya The Bee” who happened to be female..also introducing myself as “Miah” led to “Myrah” when someone mis-understood me…My family and friends I grew up with still call me this.

Miah “the stud”:  I gave this nickname to myself in Jr. High…I am still surprised it never took off…hmmm

Grizwold, Grinder, G-Rod:  all renditions of my last name Grizwold was most used by my High School Principal Mr Day

Nimrod, Nims, Uncle Nims:  Joe Armstrong (legweak, leg, Golden Bear) is responsible for Nimrod, I met Joe one saturday night in Ellensburg, he was stumbling between the Palace and Oak Rail and again upon my introduction and hearing my last name Joe heard “Nimrod” instead of Grindrod….I really need to enunciate better.  Nimrod was quickly shortened by CVH’ers to Nims etc.  Lead CVH’er Jerry Reuble (Old School) gave me the nickname “sparkles” because I thought huge cubic zirconia studded earrings were a good look for me……fyi:  they weren’t.

Speaking of CVH:  my friend Jacquie gave me the nickname “Buster Banana” which has been shortened to “BB” I don’t really know the origin of this nickname, but the first time she called me that we were at the Oak Rail….so……..

J-man; J-dog; JW; JG; Flyin Mayan; and Aunt Janet (don’t ask) are just a few other aliases I have been know by throughout the years…..My wife refers to me as “sexiest man alive” as easy as this one would be to catch on lets let her keep that one.

My brothers and sisters (yes there is a lot of us):

John Jr is known as Jay I like to call him June (short for Junior) but when I do he breaks out “aunt Jan” older brother has the upper hand on this one, clearly.

Katherine is Katie…nothing really fun about that one sorry sis

Jennifer is Jenny-Pooh, Jenny, Jen all good ones

Kurtis, oh boy… Kurtis with and extra t before the s….Kurtis D.David (ask him or my mom about that one) Curly, Kurt

Kasey my little sister was known as “Twinkie” “Twinkle Toes” “Twink” clearly the winner in Grindrod nicknames!

Justin was “Mister” not sure about the origins of this one, but there were friends of mine who didn’t know Justin’s real name for years.

Kyle is one that has avoided a nickname that could stick….I have to work on that!

My family:

Keren my lovely wife: “Beauty” clearly self explanatory if you have ever seen my wife, or “Kare-Bear” which she is not fond of..

Jameson is known as “Bubba” this was given to him by his little sister while trying to say “big brother” and it just kind of stuck.

Kiara is known as “Princess” or “The most beautiful princess in the whole wide world” these were given to her by me.

Kylie is called “Chi-Chi’s” by her mom who swears the translation isn’t what you think it is…I like to call her “Snuggle Bear” I think I win…

There you have it! So, what nicknames have you loved or agonized over the years?



10 thoughts on “Maya the bee, Buster Banana, Bullfrog and Nicknames…..

  1. Yes, those earring were not the best choice. They accentuated a body part that you did NOT need attention drawn to. Also, when you shaved off all of your hair and looked kind of like Charlie Brown, those did not help.
    And now I will have the theme song from Maya the bee running through my head for the rest of the night.
    PS – Clearly I do not need a nickname as I am already awesome enough 🙂

  2. Also – Kyle’s nickname when he was little was Spud – as his head looked like a potato.
    And remember the famous “doily head” for Jay. Clearly you and I came out on top with THAT one. 🙂

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