12,328 days…..



As I write this, I have been alive for 12,328 days….the book pictured above was a gift to Keren and I from Richard and Sherry Wright (President & CEO and his wife of AdvoCare), and if you will let it, this book will change your life- get it and read it today.

The New Year is a time for starting over, starting fresh, making a resolve to do better, do more, achieve those goals- it is a time that most Americans become very introspective.  The book was timely for the new year, and some other things I often wonder and think about….thanks for partaking in my thoughts..

What are your dreams and are you pursuing them or have you given up on them?  I will be bold and state for most of you reading this blog that: There is more to life than what you are currently living!  The challenge is for you to find out what is missing?  What is your plan for the future?  You see, tomorrow is not promised and if today was your last day, what would your legacy be?

While your time is limited there is plenty of it if you begin living life on purpose, with a purpose!

There are 8,765 hrs in a year, roughly 2,000hrs spent working (40hr/wk), 2,190 hrs sleeping, this leaves 4,575 hrs left to do what you want.  SO, what is it that you want?  Tony Robbins once said “Life will pay whatever price you ask of it”.  Often times in our culture we don’t want to work for it, we seek the immediate reward.  We cannot put down the good in order to sacrifice and achieve the greatness God has in store for us.

As you move forward into 2013 I encourage you to take action!  Take serious self-inventory about what needs to change in your life and go about doing it.  What are you allowing in, that derails you from your goals, and dreams?  What are you reading, what are you watching, listening to, and most importantly who are you hanging around.  IT DOES MATTER, in fact more than you think.  I love this quote:

  • Watch your thoughts, they become words.
  • Watch your words, they become actions.
  • Watch your actions, they become habits.
  • Watch your habits, they become your character.
  • Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Lastly, who do you allow to speak truth into your life?  Not agreement, not comfort, but truth.  If you don’t have a friend, spouse, loved one, or mentor who will speak truth into your life find one.  Seek counsel (wisdom & experience) rather than opinions (ignorance).

Here is to a great 2013!  God Bless you all, now go get and read the book!  Please share your honest thoughts and feedback.