Vigilance! How’s the intentionality of your life?…


No this isn’t a post about your rights, or the neighborhood watch, or some other thing to be paranoid and to look out for…but when I came across this word today, those were the things that I related vigilance to.  Google vigilance images and you will also see that this is what most people relate the word to…this got me thinking what do I need to be vigilant about?

Gary Thomas (actually met Gary in Maui..nice guy) said this about the virtue of vigilance:

To be vigilant is to live with a mindfulness about life, your own attitudes, and your actions.  Scripture encourages us to live a thoughtful and reflective life: “Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live”……

Then I found this quote from J.C. Ryle (don’t worry I have no clue who this is either)

“lack of thought is one simple reason why thousands of souls are cast away forever.  Men will not consider, will not look forward, will not look around them, will not reflect on the end of their present course, and the sure consequences of their present ways, and awake at last to find they are damned for lack of thinking.”

Lack of vigilance has led us to “I don’t know..” 

How did you get where you are currently at? In life, in your job, your financial situation, spiritually, all faucets of your life.  How did you get there?  For so long my answer was “I don’t know” I am a firm believer that none of us set out to be average.  When we were kids our dreams were not to be status quo, our sights were not on ordinary.  So what happened?  When did the dreams of being great, changing the world, crazy audacious things die?

A couple of years ago I realized that I had surrendered my free will to habits.  With this came a routine, and after being in that routine for a while I stopped dreaming.  I still had dreams, but they were more “realistic” they were things that were achievable on the current path or life direction I was headed.  You see I had spent 10 years in a job and realized one day- I never wanted that job….I didn’t hate it, but it certainly didn’t fuel my passion or my purpose.  I was asking myself “How did I end up here?” and why was I still “there”. Truth is, they paid me just enough that I didn’t think I could quit; I was “comfortable”.  I love this clip from “Up in the Air” (warning it has bad words in it- couldn’t find an edited version)

Ron Reynolds says “By the time most people are 30, not only have they given up on their dreams, they can’t even remember them”  That hit home for me- everything was just happening around me.  Our lives are merely a reflection of our thinking, and my life had become mostly void of thought- habit and circumstance had taken over.  One day a friend asked me where I thought I would be in five years…I honestly couldn’t say.  Then I asked myself- where do I want to be?  That was the question that started the stirring.  A stirring where the dreams of making a difference, impacting the world, and showing my children the world I had only dreamed about came to light.  It didn’t stop at the dreaming stage though- I took action..things changed..I changed.

Today I am not 100% on track to be honest.  I still have periods where I am not as vigilant as I need or want to be.  I do however, still have a plan, that is making Freedom for my family a reality.  Freedom not to do what we want, but Freedom to do what we feel we are called and purposed to do.  You are always free to do what you want, but are you on track to doing those things you were destined to do with the consequences you desire?  What is holding you back from chasing your dreams?

Thanks for reading- if you feel so inclined I would love to know what dreams are stirring in your heart- please share in the comments section.  Be vigilant!  Don’t let them stay as merely dreams- get into action TODAY!  

You were not put on this world to be average!



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