“Life is tough….Tough is good”

Greetings 2018…at one time this blog was something I really wanted to pour time and energy into….I’d like to get back to that this year.

For those who have followed the #grindrod5 and our little #warriorprincesskiara’s journey over the past three years and counting, you know we have faced our share of adversity.  After some deep thought and reflection about 2017 as the year closed, I realized how my thinking has been detrimental in my approach to lead myself and our family.  After some time in prayer, reading, listening to podcasts and some quiet time in reflection- there is a key thought that stands out and I wanted to share in hopes that there is value for others.

I have been waiting, and even expecting for life to get easier….and with this constant expectation I have made it much harder.  As adversity seemed to overtake our family in what seemed like waves, I quickly adopted the thinking “this isn’t fair”, and “it shouldn’t be happening to me”.  What I didn’t realize is how I began to double every trouble…Expecting easier has immediately made every problem become two, the actual problem or adversity and this belief that difficulty was not meant for me.  I would quickly lament how unfair my situation was, how much harder than it was supposed to be…I quickly sank into discouragement, resentment, and even depression.  This led me to do everything to avoid the challenge of change….

In 2018 I am committed to see how difficulty makes me stronger and wiser- I will be grateful and hopeful…I will be inspired to face the challenges that are sure to come.  Jacob walked with a limp after wrestling with God…I want to be around people who limp, who have been through things and share the wisdom they gained.  I will be built for battle, and remember that all fighters are formed from taking some punches.

No longer will I pursue the easy life, rather I dream of and will chase after the good life.

“Life is tough…Tough is good”

Blessings Friends.


Thank you to some great friends who shared wisdom that truly helped- Brook, the book “Automatic Influence” by Erik Van Alstine was exactly what I needed to read, this book is where I got much of what I have shared here.  John- The Jocko Podcast suggestion many moons ago….finally took you up on it and it has made a significant difference.  Never underestimate the power of encouraging and challenging your friends…it can make all the difference.



3 thoughts on ““Life is tough….Tough is good”

  1. Jeremiah, your open honesty is such a blessing and touched my heart. I’m confident that you continue to touch lives for His Kingdom. You hear His voice and respond, leading your family through many challenging times and situations. You’re not alone in your feelings, you just might be ahead of some in recognizing and purposing to change. Continually lifting the Grindrod 5 in prayer, believing with you for His mighty hand for all your lives in 2018. Hugs

  2. I love the way God has given you the gift to go through adversity, to dissect every part and give Him the glory and praise and come out the other side with a life lesson for us all. Perspective is sometimes the best eye opener for all to see how God works through adversities in our lives and our families! Thank you JW – I am always touched when I read your words. Gods Holy Spirit is in them. Much love to #Grinrod5

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