A song to sing….

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In life I believe God has given us all a song to sing…a cause, an organization, a charity, a calling that we are passionate about.  Some of us have known that song for years, and pursued professions in order to sing it.  Some of us have been led to our song by some of the hard choices and rough paths our lives have mapped out.  Yet even some, like us have found our song through a set of difficult circumstances we could have never imagined….

September is officially pediatric cancer awareness month…gold ribbons will fill social media, statistics about funding or lack of will pop up on your timeline.  Walks, runs, lemonade stands, fundraisers galore will be shared and you will be invited to give/participate more than you would probably like.  The songs written for the causes that have begun in tragedy and injustice are often the most passionate and difficult to write.  When our daughter was diagnosed we never could have imagined the road we were about to go down…we suddenly were in the middle of writing a new song, one that is hard to sing.  During Kiara’s fight with cancer we became members of a community unlike one we have ever experienced.  We met the most amazing families, forged special friendships.  Cancer parents connect with other cancer parents on a level that is hard to comprehend, it is a level of hell that you wouldn’t wish upon anyone.  You see no bad decisions went into our Warrior Princess Kiara getting a brain tumor.  It is the ultimate injustice- and an assault on innocence…so we sing this song.  We sing it everyday, not just in September.  Keren and I sing it differently, than some; not better, not worse, just different…

While there is much work to be done…so much work to be done- there are many who are doing amazing things.  The Purple Society is an organization that helped us get into St Jude for the clinical trial that saved Kiara’s life.  The Conti family started and carry on the mission in memory of their sweet daughter Nitalia…you see someone lost their life and the work done after that tragedy helped saved our Kiara.  St Jude Research Hospital- a place that is beyond me to describe by words in a blog…some of the best people in world work there and do work that matters daily.  The Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore- where strangers became family.  We have seen friends, family, strangers, dr.s’, nurses, and therapists (at 3 different hospitals), companies, corporations…all move from
“Awareness” to “Action” on our behalf.  The generosity show to us would fill a book…but thank you to the doers.  Thank you to those who took a break from your songs to sing ours.

So, before you get annoyed by our song or anyone else’s song for that matter- seek to understand why we sing it.  Friends- seek to understand, there are many songs that need to be sung.  And if the tune of our song isn’t sweet or appealing to your ears- that’s okay!  Go sing the song that God has put in your heart, and don’t get distracted by the ones He hasn’t!  Lastly, I encourage you- move from Awareness into action!  Remember: Love looks like something- it is always in action!  Thank you to all who have been and continue to be a love experience for Warrior Princess Kiara and the Grindrod5.  If you would like to follow WPK (Warrior Princess Kiara) she has a Facebook page where we share her progress and updates:  fb.me/WarriorPrincessKiara

Ciera, MaKennah, Zion, Nitalia…..we promise to do what we can to keep singing your songs.

If Pediatric Cancer is pulling on your heartstrings we would like to suggest these 3 organizations for your donations:

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital:  https://www.stjude.org

The Purple Society:  https://werpurple.org

Ronald McDonald House Baltimore:  http://rmhcbaltimore.org/ways-to-give/